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The InspirationVroom Vroom

To me, this was one of the boldest times in history for design and the arts in general. If I could build a space ship that could travel through time, I would have it take me back to 1991, that was such good year! The fashion, the music, the cars and the art! So daring, and so iconic. I remember driving in the backseat of my aunt's convertible, along the California coast and coveting her flashy, white sunglasses and neon orange nail polish, while Wilson Phillips was playing in the background. Take me back! As I look towards the ocean, the girls roller blading on the boardwalk looked so glamorous to me. I had to have roller blade barbie after that. From then on the attraction to all things post modern was just something that was in me and thus, in drop it MODERN too. I hope you enjoy.

Because after all, we all just want to hold on to the 80's for one more day.

Hold on, my friends.