Wallpaper : Prism©: Metallic Silver on White

Wallpaper : Prism©: Metallic Silver on White
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Coated Matte Metallic Paper

Our coated papers have a luxurious matte finish that pairs nicely with our metallic paints for a luxe play on textures. 
  • - Roll: 28"(inches) wide x 30'(feet) long
  • - PRISM Vertical Repeat: 32"
  • - PRISM Horizontal Repeat: 28" 
  • - Match: seamlessly across
  • - All of our matte coated metallic papers come with full bleed borders & ready to hang, no trimming necessary
  • - Durable and fade-resistant 
  • - Wallpaper paste required for application
  • - USA made


Illuminate your space with this soft and edgy interpretation of our modern color block. drop it MODERN™ collaborated with interior designer, Christine Dovey, and her genius color play talent, to intermix a polished palette of blush tones and slate grey for this glamorous piece. 

  • Please note that all computer screens register colors differently. We highly recommend ordering a swatch of your wallpaper before placing the full order in order to ensure you’re happy with the color.  Wallpaper runs are subject to vary slightly in color depending on when the job is ran. To ensure consistent color output for your project, we suggest ordering an extra roll from the same batch

  • Ships within 1-2 business days if in stock and ordered before 11am PST


  • Walls should be primed with a product that is compatible with the adhesive before hanging wall covering. Special attention should be given to removing all old paste. Do not apply directly over latex or water based paints without first priming the wall.
  • We recommend a good quality, clear, premixed vinyl adhesive, such as Roman Adhesive PRO-880. Wash adhesive completely from surface of wallpaper immediately after each strip is hung. Any adhesive left on the face of the wallcovering can, at a later date, damage the surface-printed inks and cause them to flake. If a lining paper is used, hang only with a thin solution of the same ready-mixed adhesive. There is NO guarantee against mildewing or oxidizing.
  • Paste, “book” (fold pasted side together) roll each sheet, and let stand for 3-5 minutes. This will keep the seams from opening up and drying out while the paper is relaxing. Match paper on the wall at eye level. Clean with warm water and a sponge, taking care to remove all the paste from the surface. Rinse thoroughly a second time with clean warm water.
  • Use a wallpaper smoothing brush only. Do NOT use metal or plastic smoothing tools or seam rollers as they will push the paste through the face of the paper and stain.


All wallcoverings in this collection are washable using a mild soap that does not contain detergent. Rinse with clear clean water. Stains caused by grease and oil may not necessarily be removed.


The highest quality craftsmanship has been employed in the production of the designs in this hand printed portfolio, and our product is carefully inspected before shipment. Final inspection and approval, however, is the responsibility of the customer. Before opening the first roll, customer must verify that the pattern number, dye lot, and quantity are correct.

Customer is responsible for inspecting the merchandise for defects before installation. In the event a defect is found after installation has begun, stop immediately. Do not continue to install defective material. Under no circumstances should more than three strips be hung.

Labor claims will not be honored in any way. All of the wallcoverings in this collection are hand made; therefore, machine accuracy should not be expected. Each dye lot produced has its own unique inherent color and shading characteristics. Make note of the pattern number, run number, and background lot number for future reference, if needed.


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