Sequin Backdrop™ // Precious Metal©

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drop it MODERN, the Sequin Backdrop™ originator, was the first to introduce sequins to the photography industry in 2011. Since then, we have been the “go-to” hub for the best quality sequin backdrops in the business. Only our Sequin Backdrop™ is made specifically for photography use with the following key features:

 1. Not your typical fabric store sequin material, our Sequin Backdrop™ is SEAMLESS and designed specifically for photographers. Offers dense, blackout backing to prevent light from passing through {not cheap, transparent store-bought material that was just sewn together like many of the knock off’s you will see in the marketplace} 

2. Durable & portable for easy travel

3. Sold with replacement sequins for easy mending if needed

4. Our larger sized paillette sequins are unique and rare, they offer beautiful reflection capabilities and advantageous bokeh in photos

5. Sequins can be smoothed down for a clean look or shifted up for added texture
Ideal use for luxury photo booths, portrait, boudoir and wedding photography

6. Only we offer customized embroidery designs and patterns that are signature to our Sequin Backdrop™ collection

    • - 9' W x 9' L & SEAMLESS
    • - .25" sized sequins
    • - Silk base fabric
    • - Comes with 4” hanging loops at the top
    • - Includes a sewn in tag to indicate which end is the top
    • - Includes small bag of replacement sequins
    • - Some uniqueness in sequin orientation to be expected

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