Fabric & Wallpaper Makers designing modern prints & textures for the studio and home

Drop it MODERN started as a small fabric business out of Breanne’s garage in April of 2008. She began as an aspiring designer and photographer whose goal was to find ways to modernize her studio set up. She knew that if her business was going to succeed, she had to do something unique to stand apart from crowd and that was not going to happen with outdated backdrops and mediocre props. She realized it was time to take matters into her own hands, and that is exactly what she did. She found the fabrics and designs offered in the photography world were sorely outdated so she decided to take it to the next level and begin making them herself. That is where her love for print making began. Since Breanne is drawn to rich colors and modern graphics, she decided to incorporate that into her photography backdrops. After a couple weeks of shooting with her new backdrops, it became very apparent that her idea to marry modern prints with photography backdrops was catching on. Photographers began inquiring about where she’d found her unique backdrops and her clients were raving about the fresh new look. Breanne’s elegant, yet edgy use of color and graphics were starting to make their mark in the design world and beyond. Since 2008, drop it MODERN has moved out of Breanne’s garage and it now operates out of her Oregon warehouse.


In this world there are movers, there are shakers and then there are those who run circles around both of them. Breanne is such a dynamo. Prior to launching drop it MODERN in 2008, she established herself as an award-winning photographer.
She continues to be a girl on the go, pairing a fearless personality with an entrepreneurial spirit to create all things cool and modern. She pursues anything and everything having to do with progressive design, from visiting antique shops to studying contemporary architecture, from frequenting trendy eateries to soaking up cultural treasures. This adventurous spirit fuels the imagination at drop it MODERN, pushing Breanne and her creative team to birth new ideas and designs.
The energy and rewards of innovating the design industry pale in comparison to the joy of being a wife and mother. At the end of the day Breanne puts her agenda on hold and shares the kitchen with her family of five. For all this and more, she realizes the divine blessings of her Lord and Savior.

"I have an affection for clean lines, the color white and mid-century modern furniture.
Champagne + Chambord is the way to my heart.
Hunter boots or heels, depends on the day. #dairylivin
90's music is everything, Wilson Philips all day long!"